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This service allows you to request your repeat prescription online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note: You will no longer receive an e-mail receipt....please read below for further information.



Regular users of this service will have noticed that we have changed the way in which you request your prescriptions online. This change was highlighted on our blog (link)

Why have we changed?

We have decided, due to the popularity of this feature, to go a step further and implement 256bit encryption on the service. This means that your data is encrypted when you use this feature.

Why do I no longer receive an e-mail receipt?

Sending an e-mail receipt would invalidate our attempts to provide a secure service, as an e-mail would be sent insecurely across the internet.

Instead of an e-mail confirmation, you now get a printable confirmation once you have submitted your request. This printable page details your name, drugs requested and the time and date of the request, along with a unique reference number. 

This is essentially the same as sending you an e-mail receipt, however, this way, your security is not compromised.

So what benefits does it offer me?

The new system offers the aforementioned encryption feature. We have also taken previous comments on board, and now allow patients to request as many separate drugs as they need, without having to fill the form in a second time to finish their request. You can now click "add another drug" on the request form, and keep doing so until you have completed your request.

Is the system essentially the same?

Yes, the system is essentially the same. We still ask for the same information in order to process your request.

So why have you changed? Did something go wrong?

It is important to note that we have not changed because there was a problem with our old system. We are just proactively implementing a more secure service, as promised we would do if the old system was popular enough to warrant the financial outlay. The repeat prescription ordering service is highly popular, and therefore, have carried out our promise to take it a step further.

Who are Practice Support?

Practice Support is owned by GR Design, the provider of this website. We aim to offer a more tailored set of services through Practice Support, than we intended to through GR Design.

For any further questions, please contact us using the contact form on this website.


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