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Dr A Anderson

Dr Anderson is our senior partner. He is the ENT specialist GP in our practice and holds clinics in Dartmouth seeing a wide range of patients living within South Devon.

I have been the Clinical Assistant in Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) for several years when I discovered a Diploma course based in London. This was at the start of 2001. I spent that year attending Torbay Hospital and burning the midnight oil and obtained the PG.Dip.ENT qualification. At the time the government was encouraging GPs to specialise in certain disciplines such as Rheumatology, Dermatology and ENT, where the waiting lists were longest, and to set up outreach clinics in their locality.

I started my clinic in June 2004, based in Dartmouth Clinic. I accept referrals from other GPs in the area. I specify the type of case I can see, and much of my work involves the use of equipment donated by Dartmouth Hospital League of Friends such as the operating microscope and fibroscope.

There has been an impact on the Out Patient waiting list for patients particularly in Dartmouth and I enjoy the variety it brings to my work.

Dr Anderson, as you can see is passionate about his plane and flying. He is a qualified small aircraft pilot.

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