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Register with the surgery image Register with the surgery

  • Registering as a patient

    Registering with the surgery is easy. Simply pop into the surgery and ask one of the receptionists to help you register. All you will need to do is fill in a GMS1 form and Patient Questionnaire, available from reception.

    What you need to bring with you:

    - You will need all your details as well as your previous address. 
    - Please bring a form of photographic ID. This could be a passport, driving licence etc. If you do not have any of these, please bring either an entitlement to treatment NHS card (for immigrants) or 2 utility bills holding your name and address.

    Patients register with the practice, not an individual GP, but still retain the choice where possible to request to see an individual GP.

    Registering as a Temporary Resident

    You will need to register as a temporary resident if you are in the area and need to see a doctor, but don't live in the area, i.e. you are on holiday or visiting family.

    You do not necessarily need to register with us if you are on holiday and have run out of medication. Please ring your own surgery who may be able to send a prescription to your nearest chemist. This chemist could be near to where you are staying. 

    To register as a temporary resident, all you need to do is come into the surgery and explain that you are not a patient, but feel you need to see a clinician. The receptionist dealing with your requirements will then guide you through the form.

    What you need to bring with you:

    - You will need all your address and personal details.
    - You will also need to know the address of where you are staying while in the area.
    - A photographic form of ID for evidence of who you are is also appreciated.
    - The doctor and surgery you are registered with at home.

    Patients from Abroad

    Please note that some patients from abroad will need to pay a fee for NHS services provided. We will inform you of this if you need to pay.