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Coronavirus Alert

Stay at home for 7 days and self-isolate if you feel hot to touch on your chest or back or if you have a new continuous cough (coughing a lot for more than one hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours). Those you live with also need to self-isolate for 14 days. This will help protect others in our community. 

DO NOT ATTEND THE GP SURGERY OR PHARMACY. Click here for NHS 111 advice including tips to avoid catching / spreading the virus. And click here for what "self-isolation" actually means. If you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, your condition gets worse or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days then click here for the NHS 111 Online Covid-19 Service. Or call 111 if you have no online access. And here is the Isolation Note for your employer. 

Click here to be clear about what "social distancing" is - we all need to be doing this now, especially if you are over 70, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant.

Daily Government Public Health Information here

Meet the team

  • Doctors

    Dr Anderson
    GP Principal - Male
    Dr Anderson is our senior partner. He is the ENT specialist GP in our practice and holds clinics in Dartmouth seeing a wide range of patients living within South Devon.

    Dr Bell
    GP - Male
    Dr Bell completed his registrar training in Dartmouth and went on to join the team as a full time GP with us. He enjoys spending time with his young family. 

    Dr Chopin 
    GP - Female
    Dr Chopin's particular interests are Women's Health, Care of the Elderly and End of Life Care. She read medicine in Bristol, did her GP training in Bath and Swindon and came to Dartmouth Medical Practice in 1998.  Karin and her husband run an organic farm in Slapton. 

    Dr Cotton
    GP - Female
    Dr Cotton has joined us after moving to Devon with her husband and young family. 

    Dr Eynon-Lewis
    GP Principal - Male
    Dr Eynon-Lewis is married to Kate (currently working as an HCA in the practice), we have five children; four boys and a girl. Interests are varied and include walking, reading, gardening, tennis and shooting.

    Dr Freeman
    GP Principal - Male
    I consider myself fortunate to have such an interesting, varied job in which two days are never the same. My experience of Primary Care has cemented my desire to be a true generalist, but within that I have some specific areas of interests: I perform a wide array of steroid injections as a treatment modality in musculoskeletal disease; dermatology; prostatic disease and end-of-life care. I also work as a GP Appraiser, help to train medical students and have worked closely with GPs from other practices to assess areas of best practice. These are interesting times for the NHS, and I welcome the opportunity to attract better services for the people of Dartmouth.

    Dr Grey
    GP - Female
    Dr Grey has joined us after completing her final year as a registrar with the Practice. 

    Dr Hendy
    GP Principal - Female

  • Nursing Team

    Sister K Ethertington
    Practice Nurse

    K Eynon-Lewis
    Healthcare Assistant

    K Forsyth
    Healthcare Assistant

    Sister A Osborne
    Practice Nurse

    Sister K Peters
    Practice Nurse

    G Wollacott
    Nurse practitioner
    Gavin is the lead nurse of the team. He also forms part of the urgent care team. 

  • Registrars and Medical Students

    What is a GP Registrar?
    We are a training Practice, which means that fully-qualified doctors, who have usually completed their training in hospital medicine and then spend up to eighteen months working in a practice to develop their skills in general practice.

    We usually have at least one GP Registrar and you may be offered an appointment with him/her at the surgery.

    By the time you see a GP registrar they will have spent time at a medical school to qualify as a doctor. They will then have completed 2 years working in hospitals (previously known as “house jobs”. They will then start a 3-year training programme to become a GP, during which they will spend 18 months in a training practice.

    GP Registrars work alongside the GPs in the practice and will always have a GP on hand should they feel they require a second opinion.

    Medical Students

    Medical Students usually spend 6-8 weeks at the surgery. These students are at the early stage of medical training and do not all go on to become GPs. Some will go on to become surgeons or other specialist clinicians. The time they spend in the surgery allows skills to be taught such as examination and history taking skills.

    Students spend a lot of their time sitting in on patient consultations with a GP. You will always be told when you arrive at the surgery that a Medical Student will be present in your consultation. You can, of course if you prefer, ask that the Medical Student is excused while you undergo your consultation if you should wish to. As a teaching practice we believe that having Medical Students on site is a benefit not only to the student, but the wider population who may go on to need the skills of the Medical Student in the future.

  • Administrative Team

    Business Manager: Graham Ray
    Graham's role is to keep the whole surgery running smoothly, whether it be a financial or clinical matter, while focusing on strategic and clinical planning. You may contact Graham about non-clinical aspects of your healthcare or a matter involving the surgery if you wish to make a comment on your experience in the surgery.

    Operations Manager: Hannah Williams
    Hannah is responsible for a wide ranging number or roles, from rota planning to ensuring services are running appropriately.  

    Reception Manager: Sam Lumley
    Our receptionists are a pivitol part of the team. They are the members of staff every patient will interact with and who deal with a wide range of queries; not only from patients but from colleagues in other areas of the NHS, such as district nurses and hospitals. They work tirelessly each day taking up to 250 phone calls in any single day and dealing with sometimes 300 members of the public on the front desk. 

    Please bear in mind that receptionists are carrying out their duties as per their contract with the surgery. If a receptionist advises that she cannot help any further with your query, this is not because he/she does not want to, but because they are not allowed or do not have the means to help you any further. Receptionists, although having basic medical training, are not doctors and cannot tell you exactly what your blood test result means unless a GP has instructed them to do so.

    Administrative Team
    Our Admin Team is made up of Clerical, Secretarial & Administrative staff. Based in the building opposite the main surgery you will find them working behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly. From typing letters, to entering clinical data, organising the doctors schedules to sending out the letters you receive.

    Secretarial Team
    Our Secretaries will deal with referrals, not only typing the letters from the doctors dictation, but also completing the referral pathways. They also deal with insurance companies, solicitors and courts alongside a huge variety of forms.

    In some cases the secretaries are responsible for organising external clinics which are run by our doctors with a specialist interest.